To avoid unexpected complications during the installation process, Leemberg recommends laser scanning of the installation space, followed by 3D modelling prior to moving onto detailed engineering and prefabrication.

Laser scanning provides an incredibly accurate and efficient solution for determining the feasibility, impact and conflicts associated with the installation of the various solutions. It also eliminates most of the risks associated with manual measurement and fabrication without prefabrication.

Depending on the installation complexity, Leemberg experts generally manage to complete laser scanning of the relevant areas example onboard a vessel or in à production plant in less than a day. The scan does not disturb operation and it is not even necessary for the labours to vacate the plant / location during the scan. The laser scanner has an accuracy of ± 2 millimetres, allowing for precise measurements and the creation of highly detailed three-dimensional images of the engine room or other spaces. As the scanner rotates, the laser beam hits the surface of an object, generating a measurement in both distance and angle.

One complete turn of the scanner creates a point cloud of over 10 million data points containing information that is used to create a 3D image. The scanner is moved around the room to ensure the laser beam captures all areas. Afterwards, all the data taken from different points are pieced together to create a complete 3D image of the space.

The point cloud generated by the scan is put directly into a 3D CAD program to start modelling the chosen or shortlisted systems, being evaluated into the existing space. At this point, it becomes possible to see exactly how the system would fit and whether there would be sufficient space left to walk around it and service it. Several systems can be modelled to show which one would be the optimal solution in terms of fit. One of the advantages at this stage is that ship-owner / plant owner and engineer’s can clearly see how the system will fit before any further actions are taken. They can voice their thoughts and suggestions if they want anything to be rearranged, and Leemberg will look into the options for implementing their requests.

3D Scanning Step 1

3D Scanning Step 1

3D Scanning PointCloud step 2

3D Scanning PointCloud step 2

3D Scanning no piping step 3

3D Scanning no piping step 3

3D Scanning new piping step 4

3D Scanning new piping step 4

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