Leemberg Pijpleidingen en Apparatenbouw BV was established in 1969 and has grown into a medium sized production company in the field of piping and machine manufacturing aimed at offshore, industry and maritime shipping.

For construction projects for seafaring and inland ships, we can manage the complete process from engineering, manufacturing, installation to commissioning, for complete piping systems for engine rooms, accommodations, fire extinguishing, grey and black water, hydraulics, thermogenic oil, ballast, fuel, cooling water or air.

Some examples of these kind of ships are: dredgers, cable- laying vessels, offshore vessels, backhoe dredgers, LNG tankers, passenger ships, dry cargo vessels, stainless steel tankers, chemical tankers, gas tankers, bunker ships, oil tankers, etc, etc.

For export or projects abroad, we supply the complete design and the necessary piping systems, complete with additions if desired, made out of carbon steel, stainless steel, cunifer, titanium, aluminium, composite , GRE and other occurring materials. These can then be installed on location by Leemberg or by our clients themselves.

Piping can be coated with a welding primer or a multilayer paint system and we can treat these pipes [thermal galvanising, rilsan, rubber, etc] for salt / cooling water before they are delivered our installed.
Stainless steel pipes can be stained and passivation both internal and external.

We work with the demands/classifications of Lloyds, Germanic Lloyds, IMO, Norsok, DNV, Bureau Veritas and other inspection bodies

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For construction projects for seafaring and inland ships, we can manage the complete process from engineering


Over 40 years of experience in repairing, renewing and modifying all kinds of piping systems for offshore,


We prefab and install complete hydraulic systems for the seafaring and inland ships. Manufacturing


The prefab of piping systems, equipment and regulated skids for the industry, offshore, seafaring and inland