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We prefab and install complete hydraulic systems for the seafaring and inland ships.Manufacturing special bulkhead throughputs, connecting power-packs, installing safety equipment, steering gear, winches and assembling gearboxes are no challenge to the experts of Leemberg.

We have seamless phosphate high pressure and low pressure pipes in various sizes and materials (among other, thick- walled pipes in inch-sizes) in our storage. The pipes are internally acidified and oiled and only need to be supplied with compression fitting or SAE-flanges to be assembled into a system.

Our machines can install fittings to a pipe using the most modern techniques. Some of the possible systems are the flare and walform method. Connections with welding cones are, naturally, no problem at all. We can also work on location using our flush units.

We supply hydraulic hoses for all applications, each desired pressure and with all desired connections.

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What we do


For construction projects for seafaring and inland ships, we can manage the complete process from engineering


Over 40 years of experience in repairing, renewing and modifying all kinds of piping systems for offshore,


We prefab and install complete hydraulic systems for the seafaring and inland ships. Manufacturing


The prefab of piping systems, equipment and regulated skids for the industry, offshore, seafaring and inland