New sulphur legislation [SECA & ECA]

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As from that moment international emission-law for sulphur emission [SECA] are in the sea-going of strength.

For ships which sail in the Emission Control Areas in Europe and along the American coasts the sulphur quality of the Shipping fuel  must be brought back up to 0.1%.

There are several possibilities to this being able satisfy, such as proceeding on low sulphur  fuel, diesel switch  for HFO to MGO/MDO, de-sulphuration  techniques as scrubbers or to sail on alternative fuels such as LNG.

Your questions about your options for installation, technical solutions, the operation and results of a scrubber, Low Sulphur systems or LNG,… are most welcome here at Leemberg.

Given our expertise and cooperation with leading suppliers of SECA & ECA compliant solutions, we gladly offer you our services and advice.

Sulphur Emission Control Areas [SECAs] or Emission Control Areas [ECAs] are sea areas in which stricter controls were established to minimize airborne emissions [SOx, NOx, ODS, VOC]

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