Leemberg is the international specialist in hydraulic systems for the offshore, marine and industry , we can manage the different processes from engineering to commissioning of the complete hydraulic piping systems under the rules.

Leemberg has the experienced experts with a high degree of quality and safety awareness for:
• project management
• measuring onshore & offshore (including 3D scanning)

• prefabrication in our workshop
• manufacturing
• installation
• flushing and pressure testing
[testing in accordance with NAS/ISO specifications including digital reports of pressures, flows and oil cleanliness].

Our machines can install connections on a pipe using the most different methods (flare, walform, compression rings, flange, threated flange, connection fiings, adapters, etc) for all the possible systems.

Manufacturing special bulkhead penetrations, connecting power-packs, installing safety equipment, steering gear, winches and assembling gearboxes are no challenge to the experts of Leemberg.

We have seamless phosphated high pressure and low pressure pipes in various sizes and materials (among other, thick-walled pipes in inch-sizes) in our storage. The pipes are internally
acid cleaned and oiled and only need to be supplied with compression fiing to be rapidly assembled into a clean system.

We supply also hydraulic hoses for all applications, each desired pressure and with all preferred connections.

For more information, you can always reach us by phone or e-mail.

Also during non-office hours [24/7] using the central phone number + 31 78 6771166.

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    What we do


    Leemberg has an international portfolio of clients in the global offshore, dredging- and onshore industries.


    Leemberg is the international specialist in hydraulic systems for the offshore, marine and industry, we can


    The prefab of piping systems, equipment and regulated skids for the industry, offshore, seafaring and

    Service & maintenance

    Leemberg is prepared to help you to meet these challenges head on. We offer a full array of ‘piping’