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Leemberg has an international portfolio of clients in the global offshore, dredging- and onshore industries. We are specialized in performing projects and maintenance to piping systems / installations in accordance with classification society standards.

We are able to rapidly mobilize installation teams to implement projects or maintenance works. Starting from the engineering, 3D scanning , measuring, drafting, manufacturing of complete piping systems and / or installations, on-site / locations all around the world.

Our staff have all the necessary offshore certifications, including SSC certificate, OLF Norwegian, OPITO, HUET+, Nogepa and MFC certificates. Leemberg is familiar with all applicable regulations according to Norsok, ABS, DNV-GL, LRS & IMO.

We therefore:

  • have WPQR’s / PQR’s for welding in accordance with Norsok
    M-601:2008 ASME & EN
  • have classifications for the materials titanium, (super) duplex,
    254 SMO and 1.4404 in accordance to Norsok
  • make Welding Procedure Specifications according projects
    specifications, we are certified for all welding processes
  • make a Test inspection Plan and Manufacturing Data Book
    according to project specifications
  • do welding and control in accordance with EN15614-1,
    ASME-IX, EN-287-1, ASME IX and AWS D1.1
  • can ensure complete traceability for welds and all piping /
    welding filler materials used
  • install the combination of system and location where permitted
    by IMO regulations
  • Stock in materials with a 3.1 and 3.2 certificate
  • use ISO 14726-1 and 14726-2 coding for medium into the

We can provide document logs and test procedures in accordance with all applicable standards, including ISO, DNV, LLoyds, Norsok, PED, CSW-19N, NEN 3650, DPO or client specifications.

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Leemberg has an international portfolio of clients in the global offshore, dredging- and onshore industries.


Leemberg is the international specialist in hydraulic systems for the offshore, marine and industry, we can


The prefab of piping systems, equipment and regulated skids for the industry, offshore, seafaring and

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